Community Involvement

Involving consumers and community members in research ensures people’s lived experiences and perspectives shape decisions about research priorities, policy and practice.

Consumer and Community Involvement occurs when consumers and community members work in partnership with researchers, clinicians, government agencies, policy makers and funding bodies to shape decisions about researcher. Consumers and community members are an integral part of the research process, allowing for greater transparency, openness and accountability leading to research which is more relevant and impactful to the community.

Our aim is for Consumer and Community Involvement to be standard practice in all health research in Western Australia. As such, our services, resources and training programs have been developed to support consumers and community members being involved at all stages of the research cycle.

How can I be involved?

Join our Program to receive information about current research projects and to enable you to apply for involvement opportunities. It's free!

On registration you will be prompted to complete your profile which asks for information about your health related interests and experiences. This helps us to understand your skills and ensures you're matched to the right involvement opportunity. You'll also be asked to provide two personal referees so we can get to know you better during the application process. The referees could be friends, relatives, fellow committee or sporting group members or your past or present employers.

The information we collect from you will be kept confidential, in line with our Privacy Policy.

View our current consumer and community Involvement Opportunities and apply for those which interest you. On applying for an involvement opportunity our team will contact you and your referees to find out more about you and why you would like to be involved in the project. This information is then passed on to the researcher to assist them in deciding the most appropriate consumer or community members to involve.

If your application is successful, our Consumer and Community Involvement (CCI) Coordinators will work with you, and the researcher, to help guide and support the new relationship. You may also like to attend one of our Training Workshops to further build your skills and confidence.

Our interactive Consumer and Community Training Workshops supports consumers and community members to develop understanding, skills and confidence about becoming actively involved in research. Our workshops are free and cover basic research information such as terminology, the research funding process, different types of research and how to contribute effectively to a research team. Join our Program to be notified of upcoming Training Workshops.

Customised Training Workshops can be developed to meet the specific needs of your organisation on a fee-for-service basis. If you could like to discuss customised workshops please Contact Us.

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