Applications close 15 January 2021

State Wide Mental Health Research Strategy (Co ROAMERS WA)

Mental health research across WA has historically been fragmented, with work being undertaken in silos across WA universities, research institutes, and Health Service Providers (HSPs). This project is bringing together people with lived experience, mental health professionals, and a range of stakeholders to develop a consensus on the mental health research priorities for Western Australia.


about the project

Co-ROAMERS WA aims to conduct four simultaneous consultation components that will inform a State-wide Mental Health Research Strategy:

  1. Identify mental health research priorities: comprehensively canvas priorities for mental health research in WA from relevant stakeholders (people with lived experiences, carers and mental health professionals and researchers) via a combination of surveys called a Delphi method and face-to-face consultations. The Delphi method is a process used to arrive at a group opinion or decision by surveying a panel of experts. Experts respond to several rounds of questionnaires, and the responses are analysed and shared with the group after each round until consensus is achieved.
  2. Identify mental health research capacities, opportunities and strengths within WA
  3. Identify barriers and enablers for the involvement of consumers and mental health clinicians in mental health research
  4. Conduct a scoping review of methods used to develop mental health research strategies nationally and internationally


About the position

CO-ROAMERS WA will be informed by a Consumer Reference Group consisting of up to 12 people with varying lived experiences of Mental Health conditions.

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