Community Involvement in COVID-19 Research

As the Western Australian Health Translation Network’s (WAHTN) Consumer and Community Involvement arm, the Consumer and Community Involvement Program (CCI Program) want to provide as much information and as many involvement opportunities as we can during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are currently working on ways to deliver both our core business – events and involvement opportunities – to our WA based community as well as involving the WA community in COVID-19 research.

WA is well placed to respond to the research challenges presented by COVID-19. We are a big enough population to be statistically meaningful but small enough from a social point of view that we have good relationships and collaboration between our main institutions, essentially the WAHTN and CCHRN Partner Organisations.

Our relative isolation works in our favour in being able to capture what happens in our State compared to many other jurisdictions where populations blur. WAHTN is working to assist in communication and helping collaboration among their Partner Organisations and has set up the WA COVID-19 Research Coordination page which is updated regularly and has the latest research information contained within.

CCI Program’s Consumer and Community Involvement Coordinators are working directly to support researchers working on COVID-19 research across all Partner Organisations and Health Services in WA.

Community Involvement

For over 20 years the CCI Program has been enabling researchers, policy makers and others seeking community views to capture the voices of the community in a broad cross section of their research work. During this time CCI Program has become a world leader in assisting organisations to involve consumers and community members in a wide variety of ways.

Consumer and community involvement in health and medical research has a number of potential benefits including:

  • improved relevance of research to patient needs
  • Improved quality and outcomes
  • More effective research translation
  • Improved public confidence in research

Most recently, the CCI Program has established a pool of community members interested in being involved in research relating to COVID-19. Our Consumer and Community Involvement Coordinators are working hard to support partnerships between these community members and researchers working in this area. Read about the ways in which CCI Program are supporting researchers as part of the COVID-19 Research Collaboration.

If you’d like to join our Network for any other upcoming involvement opportunities, why not set yourself up with an account today? Or you can join our mailing list to keep up to date with our activities directly via email (please note signing up for the mailing list does not create a Network account).

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