Toolkits and Guidelines

National Health and Medical Research Council’s Consumer Involvement Guidelines

NSW Regional Health Partners Tools for Consumer Involvement

National Institute for Dementia Research Consumer Involvement in Research

Australian Clinical Trials Alliance Consumer Involvement and Engagement Toolkit

Cochrane Consumer Engagement Priority Review

National Mental Health Commission Consumer and Carer Engagement: a Practical Guide

National Health and Medical Research Council’s Engaging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in guideline development

Melbourne Academic Centre for Health Tools and Resources for Researchers

Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre Consumer Engagement Toolkit


Journals and Articles

Consumer Engagement in Aged Care: Literature Review (2019) by Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission

How should Australia make the most of consumer participation in health services research? (2018) by Jonathan Karnon

Involving consumers in health research: what do consumers say? (2018) by Angela L Todd and Don Nutbeam

Consumer and Community Involvement in Health and Medical Research: An Australia-wide Audit (2018) by Join Project Leaders – Sydney Health Partners and the Western Australian Health Translation Network

Consumer engagement critical to success in an Australian research project: reflections from those involved (2018) by Annelise J. Synnot, Catherine L. Cherry, Michael P. Summers, Rwth Stuckey, Catherine A. Milne, Dianne B. Lowe and Sophie J. Hill

Horizon Scanning Series: The Future of Precision Medicine in Australia Consumer Engagement (2018) by Avnesh Ratnanesan, Daniel Damiano, Matthew Tice, Matt Riemann, Yang Jiao and Kiran Nair

Consumer Involvement in Australian Medical Research is Growing (2018) by Sydney Health Partners

You Matter: A guideline to support engagement with consumers, carers, communities and clinicians in health (2017) by the Western Australian Department of Health

Integrating consumer engagement in health and medical research – an Australian framework (2017) by Caroline L. Miller, Kathy Mott, Michael Cousins, Stephanie Miller, Anne Johnson, Tony Lawson and Steve Wesselingh

Involving Health Consumers in Health and Medical Research: Enablers and Challengers from a Consumer Perspective (2017) by Janelle Bowden and Anthony Brown from Research4Me and Health Consumers NSW